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Leigh Crutchfield

Leigh Crutchfield has been a freelance reggae music journalist since 1985. A good friend in a world beat band wanted some more publicity and work for his group, so he asked Leigh if she could help them out in any way. Leigh responded to his wish by getting the band several event bookings and writing an article on them and submitting it to a local San Francisco reggae newspaper. The staff at Reggae Calendar International liked her work, and encouraged her to become a regular writer for the publication. This collaboration happily continued for several years until the paper later disbanded.
Leigh has since then branched out into other areas in the entertainment industry. In 1999, she managed to locate and interview Jay Ferguson, and is the most proud of this stellar accomplishment in her journalism career. She continues to remain in contact with Jay and the members of Jo Jo Gunne, and tries to actively promote them whenever and wherever possible.
Leigh continues to write articles for several online reggae publications, and also for the Unofficial Greg Kihn Band Homepage. She also works at various reggae festivals and shows, has helped organize several conferences, and has been an extra in three movies. She is now currently developing a multimedia business named Irieview Productions.



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